2009 Tolliver Reunion


Morehead, KY

JUNE 26-27, 2009

Layla Walker

The Tolliver Reunion was organized by Emma Lee and Bill Tolliver of Columbus, Ohio and Dr. J. D. Reeder of Morehead, Kentucky. This was not your typical family reunion. In addition to visiting, it was possible to share experiences and learn about ancestors. Many informative posters and books were displayed around the room. For example, a descendant of Wade Hampton Tolliver, Betty Thacker of Kingsport, TN, was excited to find a picture of her family that was made when she was about 10 and also a newspaper article recognizing her dad’s retirement. Younger and older generations of Tollivers met and learned first hand about previously unknown family members. It was a very exciting time where attendees were divided into smaller groups where each person was introduced and met his/her closest relatives in attendance. Joey Tolliver knew his ancestry back to George William Tolliver b. 1908 in Soldier, KY. While in a small family group he met Donald Tolliver from Whitesburg, KY who was able to tell him about some of his older ancestors. By the time Joey left, he knew his ancestry back to John born 1760 in North Carolina.

On Saturday afternoon Fred Brown who co-authored Days of Anger, Days of Tears, with Juanita Blair, spoke about Jacob Finley Tolliver and how his family was devastated by the Tolliver-Martin Feud. Jacob Finley and his six sons died as a result of the Feud. Joyce Black, great-granddaughter of Jacob Finley and granddaughter of Cate Tolliver shared memories her mother had written several years ago. Cate Tolliver was killed in 1921 on the Rowan County Courthouse steps.

Kiera Tolliver, daughter of Monty and Elizabeth Tolliver was the youngest person in attendance. She is great-great-great granddaughter of Craig Burton Tolliver.

Audrey Tolliver, daughter of Eric and Jessica Tolliver was the second youngest person in attendance. She is also a great-great-great granddaughter of Craig Burton Tolliver, a son of Hughey Burton Tolliver. Monty and Eric are sons of Harry and Donna Tolliver.

The oldest person in attendance was Lida Lewis Dean from Illinois. She is the mother of Esther Garavaglia and Marita Sharp. They are descendants of Floyd Tolliver, a son of Hughey Burton Tolliver.

Susan Tolliver from Missouri travelled the farthest. She is a descendant of Enoch B. Tolliver, son of James Tolliver.

The door prize was won by Donald K. Tolliver, a descendant of Lytte Tolliver who was a son of James Tolliver.

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