2011 Tolliver Reunion


Morehead, KY

June 24-25, 2011

Carl D. Perkins Community Center

Route 32/Flemingsburg Road

Morehead, KY

Tolliver family members arrived in Morehead, KY Friday and Saturday, June 24-25 from eight different states. Most were descendants of John b. 1760. Others were descendants of Moses b. 1750, Jesse b. 1756, Lucy b. 1770, Zachariah b. 1792, Wade Hampton b. 1815, and Jane b. 1830. John, Moses, and Jesse were Revolutionary War soldiers.
Friday evening we were entertained by Colby Meshulam, Layla Walker, C. J. Wing, Dean Lyon, and John Tolliver. A question and answer period followed with Dr. J. D. Reeder responding to questions concerning the Tolliver-Martin Feud.

Saturday morning was an informal meet and greet time followed by a carry-in lunch organized by Carla Eberwein. After lunch the group was divided into smaller family groups where each person could meet his/her closest cousins. Each group came up with a family story to share.

The big news this year is that DNA testing has proven the existence of a previously unknown son of John Toliver b. 1760. Over the years I have been intrigued with this man because he was born in NC along with 4 of his children. The most telling clue was he named a daughter Tabitha. I had corresponded with descendants and found a lady in CA who was willing to pay for a man in KS to have his DNA checked. Patrick Tolliver agreed to do this. We were all excited when his DNA was an exact match with Bill and three other descendants of John 1760. This John Jr. was born in Ashe Co., NC and went to Lawrence Co., IN about 1819 In 1824 he purchased land in Tippecanoe Co., IN and moved his family there.

Robert Moxley and his son, Steven, and Don Tolliver and his son, Randy, cleaned the Old Tolliver Cemetery in NC in May. Don also placed new flowers on each grave and put up a new American flag. All four are descendants of John 1760. Don has also done extensive work on the cemeteries in Knott and Letcher counties.

Sabrina Tolliver-Kiser was recognized for having her book, Dove’s Trail, published. It is based on a true story of how Lytte Tolliver rescued his horse that was stolen in Letcher Co., KY during the Civil War. He followed them all the way to NC before he was able to get the horse back.

Fred Brown, author of Days of Anger, Days of Tears about the Tolliver-Martin Feud brought us the sad news of the passing of Juanita Blair (co-author with him) and also Chris Barker, the artist who did the cover of his book. He also told us that his ancestors (the other side of the feud) had fought alongside the Tollivers in the Revolutionary War at King’s Mountain. Of course, Fred is our good friend. If you remember, we adopted him as a Tolliver a few years ago.

The youngest person present was Landon Nickell, son of Felicia and Zacharee Nickell. The oldest person in attendance was Deloris Tolliver. Jerri and Jay Buxton from Joplin, MO traveled the longest distance. The raffle prize was won by Ken Whiteaker. Gifts were the “I’m a Tolliver” bears.

The Reunion closed with the announcement of the silent auction winners. The proceeds of the auction pay for various expenses of the Reunion.

I appreciate Gail and Ken Whiteaker and family for being responsible for the registration, picture-taking, etc. Also, a big thank you to Carla Everwein and her crew for all the work they did with the Silent Auction and the potluck lunch. And thanks to the attendees for bringing items for the Silent Auction and delicious food for lunch and for sharing the stories that make our Reunion one of the best.

The Tolliver family appreciates the hospitality shown by the Morehead Chamber of Commerce, Ponderosa Restaurant, Quality Inn, and the residents of Morehead.

Next year will be our Tenth Reunion. The date is June 22-23, 2012. I am very excited that Rachel Starnes (Sabrina’s daughter) has volunteered to plan some youth activities for the next Reunion. Terri Tolliver will help with face painting. Also, Lea Ann Lyon has volunteered to organize some activities for Friday evening. In addition, people have requested that I be available to meet with individuals and answer genealogy questions. I appreciate all your suggestions. A successful Reunion requires everyone’s input. Let me know your thoughts on making it the best ever.

Emma Lee Tolliver



Friday Night Music

Kolby Meshulam, Layla Walker





C. J. Wing, Bill Wing






John and Stella Tolliver






Dean Lyon





Fred Brown, author of Days of Anger, Days of Tears and Emma Lee Tolliver

Note: Fred was killed in an automobile accident in July 2011.



Youngest: Landon Nickell and sister, Felicity Mackie




Oldest: Delores Tolliver





Traveled farthest: Jerri Buxton from MO

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