2014 Tolliver Reunion

Tolliver family members from seven states gathered in Morehead, KY for the 12th annual reunion June 27-28, 2014.
Friday evening started off with sharing talents and hobbies. Shawn Flora from KY shared two scrapbooks she made of the Tolliver Reunion history. Starla Criser from KS shared some beautiful quilted wall hangings. She is an author of over sixty fiction books. Her sister, Tami Fonger, also shared lovely unique wall hangings. Mike Christman shared a CD titled “Impressions on The Rowan County War; The Tolliver-Martin Feud.” The first song is “My Name is Craig Tolliver.” There are ten original pieces. Mike is a descendant of Jacob Finley Tolliver who lost all of his sons in the Feud. John Tolliver from OH entertained us with his guitar and singing. Josie Williams sang a neat adaptation of a song where she included both of her grandmas.
Our Bingo person, Lea Ann Lyon, was unable to get off work but she sent her game materials and 10 gift certificates for prizes. Sheila Corbin and Felicity Mackie used these materials to lead the Bingo games Friday night. Thank you.
We had a small reunion within the Reunion. Larry and Dennis Tolliver from CA met their cousins Paul and David Tolliver from VA. Larry had not seen Paul for over 50 years and had never met David. These men descend from Drury, son of James, son of John b. 1760. Shawn Flora is also from this family. In our small groups, everyone was introduced and shared stories. Each group picked one story to share with the large group.
We appreciate everyone who made the Reunion a success. Shawn Flora and Felicity Mackie did a fantastic job getting everyone registered. Carla Eberwein made sure our potluck lunch ran smoothly. Mike and Kim Tolliver helped her in the kitchen. Carla also led the Silent Auction. Thanks to everyone who participated. Thanks to Sharon Tolliver Groves for doing face painting.
The youngest in attendance this year was 3-month old Larkin Nickel, son of Felicia and Zach Nickel. The oldest in attendance was Jim Oxford from VA. The Flewwelin family from Alaska travelled the farthest. Destiny Smith from OH won the door prize. Each received a Tolliver bear.
After we packed up at the Community Center, we went to the Jacob Finley Tolliver Cemetery in Elliott County to dedicate a new tombstone. Last year we had a new fence installed, extra dirt filled in graves, and old stones straightened. This year we bought a family stone. It is 4 inches thick, 36 inches wide and 4 feet tall. It has the names of the 10 persons who are buried there. Jacob Finley Tolliver was a Prisoner of War during the Civil War. Craig, Bud, and Jay were killed in June 23, 1887 in fighting on the streets of Morehead during the Feud. Another four were murdered between 1892-1902. Dr. James D. Reeder talked about each person. Josie and Ben Williams, great-great-great-great grandchildren of Jacob Finley Tolliver unveiled the stone. Mike Christman and Tink Warner, great-great grandchildren of Jacob Finley Tolliver shared family stories. It was a very meaningful service. We appreciate Buddy Pennington who owns the farm now for his helpful and welcoming attitude to those who visit the cemetery.
The 2015 Tolliver Reunion will be held the June 26-27, 2015 at the Carl D. Perkins Community Center in Morehead, KY.