“Mountain Mist”

Mountain-Mist-Cover-smSabrina Toliver-Kiser recently printed her 2nd book entitled Mountain Mist. The book is a great read at just 162 (very legible) pages in a perfect bound, soft-cover, 6″ x 9″ size.

As with her previous book, Dove’s Trail, Sabrina combines names and places of real people with a little fiction and creative license sprinkled-in to tell a story that will be sure to take folks back to when they were young and growing-up in the hills of her own childhood, and those of her ancestors.

Books are available for $12.50. If you would like to have a copy, please contact her son-in-law Roger Starnes at rrstarnes@frontier.com with your name, number, and indicate how many copies you want. Roger will have Sabrina contact you, and even sign your copy of the book(s) if you indicate whom the book is for. Thanks!

The first page of the book is below to give you a taste of how the story begins…