16th Tolliver Reunion

The 16th annual Tolliver Reunion will be held June 22-23, 2018 at the Carl Perkins Community Center in Morehead, Ky. All Tollivers/Tollivers are invited. Spelling does not matter. We have had Tollivers who were really Taliaferros and Taliaferros who were really Tollivers. DNA has shown a mixture of backgrounds. Our Tollivers came out of North Carolina in the 1700s. In 16 years plus we have learned a lot about the Tollivers. Do you know which Tolliver line you belong to? We have 20 rooms reserved at the Hampton Inn in Morehead, KY for June 22-23. Their phone number is 606-780-0601. Tell them you are with the Tolliver Reunion.
Friday is mainly a time to get acquainted and share information. There are posters of various Tolliver families. Friday evening there will be Bingo for those interested. On Saturday we have a time for sharing talents. We have found a variety of talents in the Tolliver family. Plan to share yours. The group will be divided into small family groups to meet your closest relatives. We also have a Silent Auction. Bring something to donate. This helps to pay the cost. There is no charge for attending. Lunch is potluck.
One branch of the Tollivers was involved in the worst Feud in the United States. In 1921 the Louisville Courier Journal reported that the killing of Cate Tolliver made the 50th killing in the Tolliver-Martin Feud, also known as the Rowan County War. We will learn more about this Feud from Dr. J. D. Reeder who has done much research and is presently writing a book about the Feud. He is a descendant and has lived in Morehead all his life.
Come and share your information and learn more about your past. Hope to see you there