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Tolliver Genealogy

Note: I have more family information than is shown on these pages. There are several “miscellaneous” (relationship to the 5 brothers unknown) Tolliver/Tolivers in addition to later generations of the families that are listed here.

As you read on the Family History page, there were five Toliver/Tolliver brothers and two sisters in North Carolina in the 1700’s. This page is an attempt to sort them out. We are quite sure of the children of Jesse b. 1756 because of a Bible record presented as part of a pension application. We are also sure of the children of Charles b. 1765 because of a will dated June 24, 1831 and probated March 19, 1832 in Indiana. John’s children (b. 1760) are well documented by family members. Moses’ and William’s children are not documented. In fact, we are not sure if there was a William as a brother or as a father, or both. I have chosen to only put the earlier generations on the Internet. I have more information than this. If you can add to this I would love to hear from you. If someone could find a Bible record or pension application for Moses or William, that would be wonderful. We can add more families to this page. Hopefully, through this website we can identify more Tolliver individuals and help them find their ancestry.

We also have a DNA project with Family Tree DNA that some of you might want to participate in. The main thing that has come out of the project so far is that we are definitely not related to the Taliaferro family. Names have been mispelled over the years and we are finding that a Tolliver may really be a Taliaferro after having a DNA test. To participate you must be a Tolliver male.

Documentation on family members spelling their last names as both “Toliver” and “Tolliver” has been saved as searchable Flash Papers (a form of PDF). If you need the plug-in to view, download it here.