2008 Tolliver Reunion


The sixth annual Tolliver Family Reunion was held June 27-28 at the Carl D. Perkins Community Center in Morehead, KY. High gas prices did not keep our cousins from gathering together to share family information and just enjoy being together. It is always a fun time.

Friday afternoon was spent putting up posters of family information and pictures. Thanks to Judy Stewart from CA we posted them on the walls instead of on the “science fair” boards. We were sorry to hear that Carla Eberwein who usually runs our silent auction and is in charge of the kitchen and lunch had had a car accident the night before and would not be able to attend. She is still recovering at home. Dawn Robinson stepped in and did a great job with the silent auction. Her sister, LeaAnn Lyon, took over the kitchen and made the lunch go really well. Their parents, Ken and Gail Whiteaker, manned the registration and kept things under control. Bill, J. D. and I could not do the Reunion without all of the helpers who jump in and work. Daryl Bishop entertained the children with his cute face paintings. Friday evening we were entertained by Dean Lyon, John Tolliver, and Tony Pence. We were also excited to meet Ann Tolliver whose husband, Gary, had just found that his DNA matched the four Tolliver brothers from NC. His family descends from the Tollivers in Coffee County, TN. Back at the motel it was exciting to see 3 cousins sitting with a computer and all sorts of papers and pictures sharing information. They had never met before. One was from CA, one from MO, and one from AR. That makes all the work worthwhile.

On Saturday morning we met in family groups to make sure everyone knew their closest relatives. J. D. Reeder’s new bride, Diana Lindsey, was adopted as an official Tolliver family member. The late Harry Tolliver, Sr., a descendant of Craig Tolliver, ringleader of the Tolliver-Martin Feud, was recognized as the Volunteer of the Year by the National Catholic Charities of America. Fred Brown, who wrote Days of Anger with Juanita Blair, talked about the Feud. The local historical society president Gary Lewis was recognized and helped us by providing a digital projector to show DVDs for the day. A favorite local radio personality, Sasha Collette, performed the “Tolliver-Martin Feud Song.” Eleanor Tolliver Waters was given a tribute and everyone signed a thank you card poster for her in appreciation of her Tolliver research over the past 50 years or so. Eleanor lives near Atlanta, GA and is still very active with her research.


Gracie Tolliver, the 3rd great granddaughter of Feudist Craig Tolliver was the youngest person present. She is shown with proud grandma, Donna Tolliver, wife of Harry Tolliver, Jr.




Judy Stewart of CA, a descendant of Enoch B. Tolliver, and Sue Ann Kinney of WA, a descendant of Wade Hampton Tolliver tied for the farthest distance travelled.

Judy Stewart of CA, a descendant of Enoch B. Tolliver, and Sue Ann Kinney of WA, a descendant of Wade Hampton Tolliver tied for the farthest distance travelled.


Dennis Tolliver, a descendant of Wade Hampton Tolliver won the door prize. 

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